ISO certification: Is my ITAM practice ready?

Discover how our experience in successfully navigating the ISO certification process can help assess your ITAM practice readiness and guide you to fill the gaps for potential certification.

Blog - August 2023: We offer ITAM certification readiness assessments and expert guidance based on our own successful ISO certification experience.

There has been a lot of communication around ISO certification for ITAM. There are webinars and trainings available, readiness sessions, certification workshops, blogs and LinkedIn posts. All of them from a theoretical perspective.

We at Softline have the unique advantage of being the only ITAM service provider to have gone through the entire certification process ourselves. Successfully.

That is why Softline can offer not just certification readiness assessments from a 360° point of view but can also advise you on how to remedy the gaps that would prevent certification. Even though we can’t guarantee success, we can help you throughout the process having gone through it ourselves.

We can help you with certification readiness in a number of ways: Through a readiness assessment, through training, consulting, an ITAM framework implementation or just simply with our free webinars. No matter what form the engagement takes, we will always come back to these points:

  • Make sure the auditor can recognize the formal High-Level structure in your ITAM framework implementation.
  • Prove your improvement cycles work by showing a clear audit trail.
  • Prioritize improvement over perfection

If you are interested in your organization's ISO certification-readiness, give us a call and we’ll find out together which engagement type the best fits your needs!

Or take our ISO Readiness Assessment Quiz:

ISO Readiness Assessment Quiz - find out your level of readiness in only 10 minutes!