Managing VMware licensing in ServiceNow SAM

The VMware session tackles the most asked questions about managing license compliance. Learn how the ServiceNow Software Asset Management publisher pack for VMware can help optimise your software spend and reduce audit risk.

On-demand - June 2021: Learn more about how you can manage licensing challenges around VMware, using ServiceNow’s SAM. Minimise compliance risks and reduce spend all together. And find out how you can track licensing positions using VMware-specific licensing metrics.

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The following topics are covered in the VMware webinar:  

  • What challenges are you facing managing license compliance of your VMware products? 
  • What do you need to take into consideration to manage VMware properly and without compliance risks? 
  • How the ServiceNow Software Asset Management publisher pack for VMware allows you to track your license compliance position to optimize your software spend and reduce audit risk, and how you can create software entitlements, software models, and track your licensing positions using VMware-specific licensing metrics.