Paper: Tackle your strategic IT goals for 2021 with IT asset data

Opportunities for digital business acceleration: how ITAM professionals can use IT Asset Data to support strategic topics for 2021 as defined by Gartner.

Paper - May 2021: How can ITAM professionals use high-quality IT Asset Data to achieve strategic IT goals?

Highlights of this paper: 

  • COVID-19 vs. CIO Agenda 2021
  • Changing dynamics
  • Gartner‘s key activities to accelerate digital business
  • Frameworks (processes), people and technology

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speaker info for website_JVKAbout the author:

Jan van Kalkeren is Practice Manager Process at Softline Solutions Northern Europe. He has extensive experience in the delivery and continual improvement of ITAM services for AEX-listed clients and national governments. Areas of expertise: Service Design / IT Asset Management / Process Consulting.