There is no I in ITAM - Building a future-proof ITAM team (eBook)

There is no I in ITAM, only a team of people who together ensure a well-executed strategy. Find out how to build your ITAM dream team.

eBook - March 2023: Discover why a solid plan for building and maintaining an ITAM team needs to be well thought through. 

The eBook addresses the crucial role of people in a successful ITAM operation and provides insights on how to determine the necessary team size and find the right individuals who can grow along with the organization's ambitions.

Highlights of this eBook: 

• The importance of an ITAM team

• How do I determine how many and which people are needed to deliver my ITAM strategy?

• How to build my team - choices for internal and external expertise

• How do I find and select the right people? - Tips

• How to ensure growth in knowledge and maturity of team members