Time for an IBM Health Update

Recently, IBM changed their supported virtualisation technologies for Sub-capacity Licensing.

TIP #38 - April 2020:Evaluate your license position when IBM changes their conditions, regulations, autid approach, and more.

As IBM frequently updates their support conditions, sub-capacity regulations, audit approach methods and more, this is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your IBM license position.

Getting familiar with recent developments and opportunities can lead to an avoidance or even reduction of annual expenditures related to IBM software licensing. Softline Solutions provides experienced in-house IBM consultants who can support you in avoiding and optimising costs, be compliant and stay in control of your IBM estate. Each of the topics described below can be addressed and supervised as part of an IBM Health Update:

  • Before an IBM audit, perform a friendly internal review using Softline Solutions' Audit Run Book. This will help you prepare for an audit and avoid financial penalties;
  • Assistance during the IBM audit, in navigating through the process, address legal considerations and negotiate the settlement with IBM;
  • Support with IBM’s new audit approach; IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) Offering;
  • Assistance in adhering to IBM’s Sub-capacity conditions requirements, such as the functional implementation of Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite and/or ILMT, an ILMT Health Check and a solid configuration of bundling, exclusions and suppressions. This will include taking into account IBM’s recently updated list for supported Sub-Capacity Eligible Virtualization Technologies;
  • Prepare for the next IBM renewal (S&S). Reduce S&S numbers, adhere to IBM’s new S&S conditions, investigate whether IBM’s Cloud Paks need to be considered and if Third Party Support might become an attractive solution;
  • Take care of a customised IBM license education program on request.

IBM Health Update

For a variety of reasons, you may be able to save on your operating expenditures (OPEX) by executing an IBM Health Update. Recent case studies show that Softline Solutions has been able to assist customers in reducing their annual IBM software spend by at least 40%.