This is why existing ServiceNow ITSM customers should look into using ServiceNow SAM & ITAM

A lot of organisations that have addressed their IT Service Management practice might be missing the cost-saving potential Software & IT Asset Management offers them. Often, ITSM and ITAM processes ...

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... are present in an organisation at different levels of maturity and develop separately for some time. The most interesting thing happens when they meet.

As an existing user of ServiceNow who is looking at implementing or improving their existing SAM implementation, the ServiceNow ITAM module should be on the top of your list. It will help organisations modernise and automate their IT, slash IT costs and reduce technology risk.

Creating synergy via one single platform

The implementation of ServiceNow SAM & ITAM benefits substantially from the implementation activities of other ServiceNow modules. It creates synergy between ServiceNow SAM & ITAM and investments already done in modules like ITSM, ITOM and ITBM. A perfect example of synergy is the reusability of data, creating consistency whilst maximising effort and costs. The ITAM team can piggyback, for example, on asset discovery done by IT Operations Management Discovery (ITOM Visibility).

This way, an organisation can reduce the number of point solutions, creating a significant impact on the TCO for SAM, by using a single system of action.

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You can read much more on ServiceNow SAM in the free eBook "This is why existing ServiceNow ITSM customers should use ServiceNow SAM Pro". The highlights of this eBook are: 

  • Cost savings with ServiceNow
  • Achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings by implementing, managing and continuously improving SAM & ITAM in a structured manner
  • The benefits of ServiceNow ITAM & the Softline House of ITAM®
  • Softline Apps for ServiceNow
  • Realising cost savings by implementing the 7 categories of potential savings, defined by Gartner
  • Managing licenses in ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow release overview

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